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Precision four - poster cutting machine common problem solut

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A, the noise generated
1, lack of hydraulic oil in the tank, the pump inhaled air or oil filter is blocked by dirt will cause the oil pump lack of oil, resulting in oil bubbles in the impact of the blades and noise, the solution is to check the oil, to prevent inhalation of air and cleaning filter.
2, hydraulic oil viscosity, increase the flow resistance, the need to replace the appropriate hydraulic oil.
3, due to oil pump or motor bearing or blade damage, coupling concentricity deviation caused by noise, to be adjusted concentricity or replacement parts.
4, the valve reaction failure but the function is still, such as the valve center wear, leakage, burr blocking, mobility is not flexible, the solenoid valve is not due to current failure will produce noise. The solution is to clean the valve core or replace the new pieces, the current must be stable and adequate.
5, the hydraulic component damage or oil pipeline obstruction, so that high-speed flow of hydraulic oil noise.
6, the mechanical part of the failure, lack of lubrication parts, parts loose, should find out the reasons for its fastening or replacement.
B, the pressure plate is not down, or after the trip does not reset
1, cut the switch in question, check or replace.
2, the fuel tank is insufficient or tubing leakage, refueling or tightening tubing joints.
3, the solenoid valve can not be reset, repair or replacement.
4, the relay contact is bad, the main oil can not switch, check the line.
C, the pressure plate is not down the line to determine the lack of pressure
1, damage to the pump or oil line blocked, cylinder leakage, after inspection, according to the circumstances excluded.
2, micro-switch touch too slow or fault, adjust it in the cutting point before about 10mm touch or change.
3, the solenoid valve failure, repair repair solenoid valve mandrel.
4, the lack of circulating oil tank, add oil to the oil circulation network than the oil filter.