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What are the real purpose of cutting machine

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Currently in the Chinese market there are various models of different manufacturers at home and abroad by the production of cutting machine, is based on its product performance, we recommend that you compare from the following aspects:
First, according to their transmission mode, structure and use are as follows: 1, according to the form of transmission points: A, mechanical transmission cutting machine: is the older machine. B, hydraulic transmission cutting machine: a more modern modern cutting machine. C, automatic rolling cutting machine: the use of sandwich method for processing the entire leather or textiles and so on. D, computer-controlled water cutting machine: a more modern modern cutting machine, without the use of Daomo, according to the input program for cutting. The punching source is a high pressure water jet generator. E, computer-controlled ultrasonic cutting machine: control and water-cutting machine in the form of similar, punching source for the ultrasonic generator. 2. In accordance with the structure of the points: A, rocker-type cutting machine: punching parts can swing the rocker, suitable for natural materials, punching B, gantry cutting machine: punching parts can be moved along the beam around the punch The head and die can be fixed on the die head or on the workpiece. Large, computer-controlled gantry cutting machine punch can be installed on the knife mold can be rotated, according to the program layout, select the appropriate tool; of course, should be equipped with automatic feeding mechanism. C, flat-cutting machine: it is the difference between the gantry cutting machine is directly punching the beam, there is no moving cutting head. Flat cutting machine is divided into: beams fixed or beams can be moved back and forth and table skateboard can move back and forth two categories. D, four-column precision cutting machine: multi-cylinder driven four-post automatic balance connecting rod structure to ensure that each cutting point of the same force to ensure that the upper and lower worktable balance accuracy. 3, according to the use of processing parts points: A, special cutting machine: suitable for blister processing blister cutting machine. B, horizontal cutting machine: suitable for processing tire materials.
II. Mechanical transmission cutting machine: the general mechanical transmission of the cutting machine faster, stable operation (adjusted, the lower limit of the stroke will not change), punching large; its biggest drawback is the larger noise. So since the 60's gradually replaced by hydraulic cutting machine.
Third, the hydraulic transmission cutting machine: hydraulic cutting machine to determine the main basis for the function is: punching force size and punching speed. Punching force is great, but the punching speed is very low, or punching speed is high, but the punching force is very small machines, can not successfully complete the punching task. For mechanical transmission of the general cutting machine cutting speed is high, about 250 beats / min; its punching speed is variable, the average punching speed: 200 mm / sec. Hydraulic cutting machine punching speed is generally: greater than 75 mm / s. Mechanical transmission of the cutting machine and hydraulic drive cutting machine different points, mainly by the different characteristics of the two drive determined: mechanical transmission is a rigid transmission, and hydraulic transmission is indeed a certain degree of flexibility. The hydraulic cutting machine is characterized by the fact that the pressure in the working cylinder does not reach the rated pressure when the die is applied to the instant of the workpiece by means of the die, and the pressure will increase as the time of contact (cut into the work) increases until The solenoid valve receives the signal, the reversing valve commutation, the punching head begins to reset; when the pressure inside the cylinder is limited by the pressure oil time entering the cylinder, it may not reach the set rated pressure value; Said that the system pressure does not meet the design value, punching has been completed.
Fourth, the use of cutting machine status: 1. Mechanical cutting machine, although there are manufacturers continue to produce, some small, individual manufacturers are still in use, but this form of cutting machine is bound to be eliminated. 2. Hydraulic drive cutting machine, is still in the mainstream position. In the hydraulic cutting machine, a large number of tonnage is used in the 14-18 tons of rocker-type cutting machine. Flat and gantry cutting machine for most of the larger manufacturers, more suitable for the punching of man-made materials. 3. Automatic cutting machine in China has begun to use, due to the manufacturing industry to enhance the degree of industrial modernization, in the near future there may be a certain market. But in the near future, high-end cutting machine can not replace hydraulic cutting machine.
The purpose of the cutting machine
In industrial production, the cutting machine is very versatile. Its function is mainly the use of forming knife mold, through the punching action and get people need the sheet or semi-finished products.
It is suitable for processing various kinds of flexible sheet materials such as leather, cloth, textile, plastic, rubber, paperboard, felt, asbestos, glass fiber, cork and other synthetic materials.
It is widely used in leather processing industry, footwear industry, leather industry, handbag industry, garment industry, glove industry, cap industry, toy industry, stationery industry, plastic industry, pearl cotton industry, Embroidery industry, paper industry, puzzles and model industry, sports equipment industry, electronics industry, automobile industry and other light industry.