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The Development Direction of Modern Cutting Machine Manufact

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The Development Direction of Modern Cutting Machine Manufacturing Industry
     With the development of cutting machine industry, the manufacturing market has the following characteristics:
     (1) the buyer's market. This is the inevitable result of the development of science and technology and productive forces.
     (2) the variability of the market. As the rapid development of science and technology, technology updates quickly, product replacement fast, resulting in small quantities of products, decentralized, more and more individualized production, competition is increasingly fierce, uncertain factors soar.
     (3) international market. Market to break the national boundaries, to regional and international.
     (4) emerging product market. Not only involves the transformation and development of traditional products with high-tech products, but also involves unprecedented cutting machine of the new type of "product", resulting in such as technology, software, environmental protection and other industries.
     (5) virtual market. Information is further networked online cutting machine product advertising, merchandise display, commodity trading, customer relations, agency system, etc. are virtual market.