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Realization of Agile Manufacturing of Hydraulic Cutting Mach

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Enterprise agile manufacturing is a system engineering, it needs to change the concept of enterprise manufacturing, the need for enterprise restructuring, but also for enterprise information and organizational construction.
    (1) hydraulic cutting machine manufacturing concept of change. In the agile manufacturing model, the goal is not only to rely on the supplier's own efforts, but also to cooperate with the purchaser. Customers in the long-term cooperation with suppliers to seek to buy their skills, knowledge and professional experience, and timely participation in manufacturing. In this new model, the manufacturing concept has been changed from large-scale standardized manufacturing to mass customization manufacturing. * In the marketing 1 :, from the user's needs, to provide users with the most reasonable solution, establish a "win-win" The concept of corporate cooperation. In product design, pay more attention to the needs of consumers personalized. In the manufacturing, to adapt to large-scale customization of the conversion requirements, and continuously improve the manufacturing equipment and the operator's nature, to adapt to multi-species production process of continuous rotation of the dynamic production environment. The key to the success of the cutting machine is leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to provide customers with reliable services beyond the expectations of users.
    (2) hydraulic cutting machine to build a virtual enterprise. Virtual enterprise is one of the most important parts of agile manufacturing strategy. It is a separate and adaptable enterprise, and it is a temporary system with self-organization for a certain product. Virtual enterprises break through the boundaries of traditional cutting machine enterprises, fully integrate and use of internal and external resources, the establishment of a dynamic and flexible open system, thereby reducing the market transaction costs, the formation of product development, manufacturing and consumption of agile ability. As a more competitive organization, it will replace a single business. In an environment of economic globalization, cooperation is more important than competition, because in the fast-changing world market, each enterprise's core competencies are limited, and the resources of individual enterprises alone can not meet the needs of the market. In order to minimize the input, the fastest speed to respond to customer requirements, the need to cut the machine business and its suppliers, dealers to compete for the establishment of mutual Yan, mutual coordination and cooperation in the long-term partnership, the only way to make full use of enterprises The whole society of all aspects of resources, to achieve the optimal allocation of social resources.