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Selection of blank for four - post cutting machine

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 Cutting machine blank manufacturing is part of the production process, from raw materials into the first step in the finished product. The material of the blank is determined by the structure, size, use and conditions of the parts. The type of blanks depends mainly on the material, shape and production properties of the cupcass. Thus, the choice of bad hair has a significant impact on the mechanics of the process and the cost of the part: the cost of the product.
    Machinery with a lot of different types of blanks, with a blank and may have a small manufacturing method with the law. Common rough generally have the following.
    (1) casting rough. Shape complex, strength requirements of wood; Gou parts rough, with the casting method is more appropriate. Casting of the material can be cast iron, cast steel or color metal. According to the production of parts and precision requirements, you can use the same casting method.
    (2) rough forging. Strength requirements of the Bureau of rough parts forging the most appropriate. Cutting machine main material is a variety of carbon steel and alloy steel. Manufacturing methods of a white forging, forging die, forging and precision die forging and so on. In the large number of production, the general use of forging rough, the forgings of the accuracy and production: the rate is very high; single, small batch production with free forging; in the batch production, part of the tire mold forging, Die forging.
    (3) rolling rough. Cutting machine Rolling blanks include a variety of cold drawn and hot rolled materials, the cross-section of circular, hexagonal, square and a variety of cross-section. Automatic lathe used in a variety of cross-section bar, are cold her steel.
    (4) Extruded pieces are bad. For some good plastic deformation of non-ferrous metals and sodium. Cold extrusion (including cold) is widely used to squeeze a variety of bolts, nuts, pins and so on. Cold extrusion (or hot extrusion) for some gears and hood parts, suitable for large quantities, mass production.