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The Method of Selecting the Limit Match in the Precision Des

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The Method of Selecting the Limit Match in the Precision Design of Cutting Machine
    The fitting relationship in the assembly diagram occupies a more important position in the drawings. In general, the assembly drawing is marked in addition to each
Parts of the location relationship and structure, it is important to determine the relationship between the various parts of the Luo, especially the decision machine
For the accuracy and performance of the size. Pay attention to the relationship between them. Otherwise, the mechanical performance is not guaranteed
Evidence of.
    When performing assembly drawing design. Determine the limits of tolerance and coordination methods are analogy, calculation method and test method. Calculation method and
Test method is through the calculation or test means to determine the relationship with the method, it has a reliable, accurate, scientific features,
But it takes a lot of time and money to spend too much time. Analogy is based on the use of parts, reference to similar machinery has been
There is a way to match the empirical data to determine the fit. The basic point is the statistical survey, survey the same type of the same structure or similar
Structural parts and the use of the situation, and then analyze the analogy, and then determine its cooperation.
    The analogy is easy and the selection is focused on inheriting the practical experience of design and manufacturing in the past, and mostly through the actual
Verification, high reliability, and easy to product serialization, standardized production. Process is also better. Due to the above advantages, the limit is limited
The determination of L has been used as an effective method. At present, this method is still the main mechanical design and manufacturing
Method, this chapter discusses how to use the analogy method for orange design.