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Trouble Shooting of Cutting Machine

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Cutting machine pressure plate is not down after the reset and the lack of pressure solution,
Four-column hydraulic cutting machine pressure, solenoid valve failure, check solenoid valve mandrel. Oil pump damage or into the fuel line blocked, the cylinder has leaked, check the exclusion according to circumstances. The oil tank of the cycle of oil shortage, add the oil to make oil than the oil filter network. Micro switch touch too slow or fault, adjust it to 10mm before the cutting point touch or change.
Four-column hydraulic cutting machine pressure plate is not down after the trip is not reset, the relay contact is bad, the main oil can not switch, check the line. The cutting switch has problems, checks or changes. The solenoid valve can not be reset, repaired or replaced. Insufficient fuel or tubing leakage, refueling or tightening tubing connections.
Hydraulic cutting machines are widely used in leather and footwear, handbags and luggage, gloves and hats, craftsmanship and silk flowers, embroidery, puzzles and card making, blistering and packaging, printing and paper products, stationery, plastic chemicals, automobiles and electronics And other light industry.