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ZC-608 series of single-sided automatic feeding precision fo

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First, the product introduction 

Automatic feed cutting machine is a cutting machine, the use of four-column double-cylinder structure, to achieve high tonnage cut, saving energy consumption. In the precision four-poster on the basis of the increase in single-sided or double-sided automatic feeding device to improve the efficiency of the use of machine tools and safety, so that the whole production efficiency increased by two to three times. Automatic feeding and cutting machine for leather processing, garment industry, footwear industry, luggage industry, packaging industry, toy industry, stationery industry, the automotive industry to use the mold blade leather, rubber, plastic, cardboard, fabric, foam, nylon , Artificial leather, PVC board and other materials of the cutting operations.

Second, the product features

1、Double cylinder, precision four-post automatic balancing mechanism, so that the cutting area within the cutting depth.

2、Bilateral motor automatic feeding mechanism, both sides can be set at different heights, high efficiency.

3、Variable frequency buffer, PLC control system, positioning accuracy up to 0mm.

4、Two-cut cutting, to solve the cutting pearl cotton, sponge or multi-layer material when the arc problem.


Third, the product parameters