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ZC-609 high precision hydraulic four-pole block block cuttin

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First, the introduction 

The full name of the four-post cutting machine is a hydraulic precision four-poster cutting machine, which belongs to the twenty-first century new products, different from the seventies of the mechanical, nineties hydraulic plane, the late nineties oil four-pole single rod Machine, the overall Italian style, technology is more advanced, more outstanding performance. It is widely used in handbags, luggage, shoes, leather goods, silk flowers, foam, blister, plush toys, sporting goods, automotive supplies, EVA and other industries tailoring processing.
It uses double balance bar, double cylinder, four columns, automatic balance, automatic lubrication, automatic, full hydraulic design
Simple operation, safe, energy saving, cutting strong, smooth force, easy maintenance.

Second, the scope of application

1、PET, PC, PVC plastic, foam, label stickers, nameplate, copper foil, aluminum foil, rubber and other electronic materials.

2, Special patent design under the cutting positioning mechanism (import), precision, can be done at the same time and semi-cut cutting, fine-tuning accuracy of 0.01mm.

3、Configuration Germany steel plate HRC60 & deg ;, perfect half off cutting effect.

4、Precision feed registration system accuracy plus 0.3mm (inlet), feed speed adjustable.

5、Safety cover, safety electric eye protection device, CE safety standard.

6、Feed plate clamping device。

7、Adjustable center fixture (optional)。

Second, the product parameters