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ZC-506 rocker cutting machine

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First, the introduction 

Hydraulic rocker type beer machine,(Also known as swing cutting machine, cup, leather cut trimming machine),The machine is mainly used for cup (bra cup, cloth cup), after the cut leather trim shape. 
The machine has replaced the traditional manual scissors with the scissors to trim the pieces. The operation is simple, the time and labor saving, the cutting force is strong, the speed is quick, the trimming effect is good and the efficiency is high. 

In the industry for leather, plastic, canvas, nylon, fiber, paper and a variety of synthetic materials layer or layer of molding cutting, leather cutting is the first choice. 

Second, the characteristics

1、Simple operation, rocker arm is very easy and fast.

2、Rocker height can be adjusted to facilitate a variety of die operations.

3、Cutting depth can be adjusted to ensure that the depth of the blanking of various materials.

4、Two-way oil, automatic lubrication, the whole stable and reliable, low wear and tear.