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ZC-706 series vertical four column hydraulic cutting machine

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First, the introduction 

  Four column cutting machine is full hydraulic precision four column cutting machine, which belongs to new products in twenty-first Century, 90s, the mechanical hydraulic flat type, the end of the 90s four post hydraulic single rod cutting machine from 70s, the Italy style, more advanced technology, better. It is widely used in handbags, bags, shoes, leather, silk flower, foam, blister, plush toys, sporting goods, automotive supplies, EVA and other industries cutting process.

  It uses double balance rod, double cylinder, four column, automatic balance, automatic lubrication, automatic, full oil pressure design, simple operation, safety, power saving, strong cutting force, stable force, convenient maintenance.

Second, the scope of application

  1, precision four column oriented design, to ensure that each position at the same level.

  2, high web design is suitable for stamping and locking of thick materials.

  3, with mold locking device and heating device to choose from.

  4, the operation is quiet, can greatly reduce the noise of the factory, improve the working environment, improve production efficiency.


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